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VOL. 26— NO. 30 Entered as second class mall matter at Cumberland, Maryland, under th# act of March 3, 1879 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1963 United Presa International Associated Press AP Pilotofa* 41 PAGES—SEVEN CENTS New Medicare Plan Costly

Korea Reds On UN Personnel

ROK Killed, American Wounded

dispatched orders to Korean in-

SEOUL. Korea, Thursday! U.S. patrols were (UPI) Troops from Commu with shoot-to-kill” nist North Korea attacked a seek out the North group of unarmed American filtrators. and South Korean personnel in o n j uiy 30, United Nations the demilitarized zone along the forces attacked a Communist truce line Wednesday, the Unit- unjt seVen miles inside South ed Nations Command reported Korea. Two North Koreans, a today. A South Korean officer South Korean policeman and a was killed and an American y 5 . Army corporal were soldier wounded. ais0 killed, appafently by their It was the first incident of own hand grenades when they aggression by North Korea in were surrounded by a U.N. the truce area since last August, search party. Col George R. Creel, a spokes- 4he U.S. State Department man for the United Nations com- charged at that time that North mand, said Wednesday’s attack Korea had violated the truce occurred at 1.30 p.m. (11:30 agreem ent by infiltrating the p m , EST Tuesday) about 801 demilitarized zone, miles northeast of Seoul in the pbe infiltrations continued in­ east-central sector of the truce 1:0 August, a time of the year |ine when early morning ground fog " 1 . . . . . . . ___ -,-.,,4 UaH coupled with lush growths of Cr^pl §aid tnf* command natl . 1t . ^ _ . . . . foliage provided excellent cover for .m b u s h ,. on U.N. guard-

protest the unprovoked at- pos s' tack.’’ Last July 29, a seven-man North Korean patrol crossed in­ to South Korea and shot and killed two soldiers assigned to the U.S. First Cavalry Division. The U S. troops were hit with . Army took another step toward arming its troops in Europe with more potent weapons by announcing Wednesday plans to

Compulsory Armed Uprising Crushed In Iraq program Hit

“OTHER WOMAN” Mrs. Jackie Olesen 'above), who testified in District Court in Minneapolis yesterday t h a t she was the “other woman" in the T. Eugene Thompson murder trial, is shown in this picture taken in August, 1960. She testified she was also once his secretary. Thompson, a St. Paul lawyer, is charged with first degree murder in the March 6 slaying of his wife. Carol. 34, who was heavily insured. (Copyright 1963 by St. Paul Dispatch' (Story at bottom of page) (AP Pholofax) Forces In Europe

To Get Pershings


machine gun fire and hand gren­ ades while they were riding in a jeep to a guard post along the truce line.

Rocky Assails Kennedy, GOP Reactionaries

give them new Pershing atomic missiles early next year. The Pershing is a solid fuel weapon which is designed to shoot and then scoot to a new position before the enemy can

East And West Swap Charges

Over Bonn Role

Revolt Leader Flies To Spain;

Curfew Lifted

BEIRUT, Lebanon (A P)—The Ra’ath Socialists ruling Iraq battled down a Baghdad revolt widely attributed to a colleague they had just dropped from the p arty’s high command. Deputy Prem ier Al Saleh El Saadi. Saadi is reported to have flown to Spain. Independent reports reaching Beirut said Iraqi jet planes strafed the presidential palace on the Tigris, the Defense Min­ istry , and the Al Rashid arm y camp Ira q ’s main military base, on the capital’s outskirts —in a series of attacks Wednes­ day morning. But by early afternoon, the capital was reported quiet. The government, winning pledges of allegiance from all Iraq’s army divisions, called off a curfew and ordered the troops back to barracks. Emergency Meeting Called Prem ier Ahmad Hassan El Bakr summoned top leaders of the Ba'ath party—a mildly So­ cialist movement formally named the Arab Social Renais- jsance party—from Iraq, Syria, lebanon and Kuwait to an em ergency meeting in Baghdad "to settle the crisis.” There was no announcement

*• * w * / ' "i' ss > s I


" I’*:-’:': ^ . . ‘Hi

# . J L rn ^

i ^ ; ■x—.vy’. ;$*■. ’.

WM&i. SCT J&j

ups fffgf # *>, 'J *4? . -

was no UNITED NATIONS, N Y. concerning Iraqi casualties. (A P)—An East-West clash over The U.S. State Department West Germany flared Wednes-isa'd Americans in Baghdad

Black Watch Drill At White House

President and Mrs. Kennedy take positions in the foreground at opening ceremonies of the British Black Watch regiment’s drill and dance at the White House yesterday. The regiment was invited by the First Lady to perform for youngsters from Washington area child agencies. Salut­ ing in front row are Brig. Gen. Godfrey McHugh, presidential Air Force aide, and Maj. W. M. Wingate Gray (right), commander of the famed regiment. (AP Photofax)

zero in on the firing position day in the U.N. General Assem The Ahmy said its range is vari bly’s Main Political Committee, able, miles. The

were reported safe. This was the second armed uprising and the fourth an­ nounced plot against B a’athisL from IOO to about 460 wag rem jnjscent 0f coid war

rn turn exchanges that have embittered rule in Iraq since dictator Abdel missile will replace two , n units of the old less m o b i l e , a*ssemblv sessions in past years Debate over

Karim Kassem was deposed an

d i s a r m a m e n t - executed in a military coup MIAMI BEACH Fla (AP) liquid-fuel Redstone missiles .---------- Q m i a m i r ia A r . . . . . .. Ku the topic under discussion—was f e b - 8'9- Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller said which have been on sites in Wednesday the basic principles roP* **nc* of the free enterprise system are being seriously threatened both from within the Republi­ can party, by the reactionary right, and by the national ad­ ministration in power under President Kennedy.” In a speech to The Associated Press Managing Editors Asso­ ciation. the New York governor accused the Kennedy adminis­ tration of putting political ex pediency ahead of work on those basic principles includ­ ing fiscal integrity, h u m a n

r "ih,; * ndJ OCal.,'!OVfrr e m , . for sympathy, then left by plane The Kennedy adm im stra K

Mrs. Nhu Flies To Rome After Attack On U.S.

temporarily shoved aside by the Shakeup Announced exchange involving the dele- At 9 a m , Radio Baghdad, in gates of the Soviet Union. Brit- a normal news broadcast, an­

io n 's ‘vigah’ has largely been in the field of public relations.” Rockefeller told the approxi­ mately 500 newspaper editors from across the nation and their wives. He addressed a luncheon meeting He (Kennedy) has failed to get the country moving again, Rockefeller charged. Rockefeller, a candidate for t h e Republican presidential nomination, said the Kennedy administration had promised a 5 per cent economic growth rate and gotten 3.2 per cent; promised a 4 per cent unem ­ ployment rate, but the country has 5.6 per cent out of work If we maintain the present economic g r o w l h,” Rockefel­ ler said, we will have nine mil­ lion persons unemployed by 1967. an ll per cent total, which is depression figures.” During a question and answer session with the editors, Rocke­ feller was asked if he favored a continuation of the Peace Corps. He replied, Yes, I think the Peace Corps is the best sin gle program the Kennedy ad­ ministration has undertaken. Rockefeller was asked how he felt about former Vice President Richard M. Nixon's status in the 1964 race. Well, he is off stage, but he is peeking around the corner, I think,” Rockefeller replied. In reply to a question on his chances in the New Hampshire primary, Rockefeller said he recognized that he is an under­ dog at the moment, but there is a long time between now and March. I am very optimistic about winning the New H am shire prim ary.”

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ain. France and the United States. Roger Seydoux, the French delegate, touched off the clash by asking for the floor to reply to previous Soviet criticism of France for signing a treaty of cooperation with the Bonn re ­ gime. West G erm any’s role in the Western defense alliance LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mrs has been a special target of Ngo Dinh Nhu blamed the Unit- criticism by the Soviet-bloc ed States for the Vietnamese countries during the disarm a- tragedy” but thanked its people ment debate. Seydoux denied a Soviet for Rome Wednesday to join charge that the treaty was de her three younger children. signed to grant nuclear secrets In a statement read to news- t0 Bonn. He declared that the men, the widowed former first present causes of East-West ten- lady of South Viet Nam said she sjon are the threat which was grateful to thousands of hangs over Berlin and the ac- Americans but dismayed by the cess r0U(es t0 it,” and Soviet re conduct of their government. fusa, u{0 grant the Germ an

House Speaker Thinks Waiter’s Trip‘Wonderful’

Judas has sold the ( hrist for pp0p|e the right to self-determi- 30 pieces of silver, she said nation, which is the only way to “The Ngo brothers and the peace in Kurope - patriots of Viet Nam have been ~ , . sold (or , few dollars, that, Soviet Delesate K V Nov.kov American aid. which would be repped that he wanted to con- given hack onlv to those who *ratulate our French colleague would not hesitate to turn their ,0: ris' nR ,0 lhe do.|ense th.os' ___ v , (V,...... who have so often attacked guns against their own brothers r, . ... . . and suppress the duly elected k“ led F'-enchmrn leaders of Nam i f f *"**1 t r a n c f, and v,olatcd Mrs. Nhu s husband and his1 Fr«’nch women.

nounced a shakeup in the Ba’ath leadership, creating a new 15- man com mand. Saadi’s name was notably absent. A few minutes before ll a m., the radio went off the air. In­ dependent advices to Beirut said the jet planes started their strafing attacks about that time, crowds formed in the center of Baghdad and demonstrated against the new party leader­ ship, notably Bakr and the de­ fense minister, Saleh Mahdi Ammash. Loyal forces dispersed the mob, and by I p m. the capital was reported quiet and cur­ fewed. With its transm itters operat­ ing at reduced power, the radio could be heard only in snatches for a while. Then it broadcast an appeal from Bakr for calm.

South Africa Oil Ban Approved

WASHINGTON (A P) - I think it’s a wonderful thing,” Speaker John W. McCormack, D Mass., said Wednesday of the trip to Paris at taxpayer ex pense by House headwaiter E rn ­ est Petinaud. This is a land of opportun­ ity,” McCormack told newsmen. He’s a fine person.” Petinaud, who was back on the job in the HoOse restaurant, traveled to Paris for a meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organ ization parliam entarians. Rep. Wayne Hays, D-Ohio, who headed the House delega tion, said Petinaud earned his keep as a messenger for the group. McCormack confirmed that Hays had cleared Petinaud’s trip with him in advance. He made clear that he still ap­ proves in spite of the cloud of controversy. Hays called the whole affair a tempest in a teapot.” He added, I think it’s about milked dry by now.” “E rnest cost the taxpayers

Teller Faints, Bandit Flees

NEW YORK (U PI) The shock of a bank robbery was too great Wednesday for teller Edith Jackam an. She fainted and it foiled the bandit. The bandit, dressed in a black hat and tan raincoat, walked up to the 21-year-old teller’s window at a branch of the Seam en’s Bank for Savings and gave her a note. It said he had a revolver and wanted money. Miss Jackam an slid to the floor and the bandit fled.

Experts Report Anti-Flu Shots Of Little Value

ll. S. Demands Soviet Release Yale Professor

$88 in counterpart funds, which UNITED NATIONS, N Y can’t be used otherwise, so it I(AP)—1The U.N. General As- actually cost nothing,” Hays

KANSAS CITY (A P)—The flu shots widely used in the last few years apparently have done lit­ tle good, experts said Wednes­ day. We need better vaccines be­ fore general use is justified in costs to the public,” said Dr. Alexander Langmuir, of

MOSCOW (AP) The United States has demanded the re­ lease forthwith of Prof. Freder­ i c k C. Barghoorn of Yale Uni­ versity, held by the Soviet Un­ ion as a spy. The demand was made on Wednesday by Ambassador Foy D. Kohler in a 15-minute ses­ sion at the Foreign Office with Deputy Foreign Minister Val­ erian A. Zorin. Kohler called the arrest unwarranted and in sisted on being allowed to see Barghoorn at once. The Foreign Ministry an nounced the arrest Tuesday and refused to give the embassy any details of the time, place or circumstances. Officials here presume it must have been soon after Oct. 31. On thai date Barghoorn, au­ thor of hooks critical of the Soviet system, had drinks with Walter Stoessel. minister coun sellor of the embassy, in

By Doctors

Proposal Would

Link Health Care

To Social Security

WASHINGTON (AP)—A pri­ vate study group, including three former Eisenhower ad­ ministration officials, called on Wednesday for a compulsory medical care program for the aged that would be more costly than proposals backed by Presi­ dent Kenedy. Sen. Jacob K. Javiets. R N Y., at whose suggestion the com­ mittee was formed last year, said he plans to introduce a bill incorporating main features of the Social Security tax-finaced plan and invited Democrats to join him. The proposal drew immediate opposition from the American Medical Association and is ex­ pected to draw fire from Rep. Wilbur Mills, D Ark., chairm an of the House Ways and Means Committee who already opposes the Kennedy administration’s hill because it would entail an increase in Social Security taxes. There was no immediate com­ ment from Mills, or from Sec­ retary of Welfare Anthony J. Celebrezze.

Pays All Hospital Costs

The study group’s program would provide for payment of all costs of hospital care for persons over 65 for from 70 to 90 days. Since administration pro­ posals provide for the patient to pay some of the costs of hos­ pital care, the study group plan would require higher Social Security taxes. However, Arthur S. Flemming study group chairman, told a news conference it was felt the compulsory program is needed to provide a foundation on which could be built a total pro­ gram of health insurance for elderly persons. On top of this foundation, he said, private insurance firms could offer a low cost health plan for persons over 65 which would pay doctor bills, drug costs and other medical ex­ penses. Flemming, welfare secretary during the administration of for­ m er President Dwight D. Ei­ senhower, stressed that thia plan would not do away with the need for the present Kerr- Mills program, which was en­ acted while he was in the Cabi­ net.

Hearings Begin Monday

He said the study group’* plan would give Americans a chance to pay in advance for medical care that would be needed during their old age. This would mean that fewer would then need public assis- the tance, he said. Langmuir, of tho stoessel apartm ent in -the em -j Flemming said he and other Communicable Disease Center bassy building. m embers of the committee will Atlanta, Ga., a government Barghoorn is here on a tourist present the program to the in Atlanta, Cia., a watchdog on vaccine results. ;vjsa jje had visited Alma At a' House Ways and Means Com . my 1 a , t i t , 11 Burgeon-General LtUm*1 anrf T ashkent in central Asia mittee, which begins hearing* brother. President Ngo Dinh He declared the leaders of s e m b l y overrode U.S opposition said. I always used a *taff L. Terry immediately said the anfj Tjflis jn thp Caucasus state Monday on medica! care for the Diem died in the recent revolt West Germany had not changed Wednesday and called for a man before, and of course his Public Health Service still f Gporeia borides Moscow in South Viet Nam since World War ll when mil worldwide em bargo on oil ship salary would have continued, so recommends flu shots for older!01 ^ •**««« m o s c o w . Mrs. Nhu, who has been a lions of Russians died at G er-m ents to South Africa. Ernest was probably a little people and those with chronic * J?e » ® e o f " ,s. . (.aU guest at the home here of M r.iman hands. I The ban on oil was part of a less expensive than a staff man illness - who are hardest hit . 1* u 0S(.0W fhe and Mrs. Allen Chase, arrived That evoked a response f r o m broad resolution calling for the would have been. by influenza 0 iea at the airport with her eldest Sir Patrick Dean of Britain w ho; independence of the te rrito ry of Counterpart funds are foreign Dr. Langm uir agreed this ,UUUW“ IK

daughter, Le Thuy, and two said he did not want to disre aides. She read her statem en tigard Soviet war losses but re . , . , . . ... . . . . IB 1 - * . . . - i i - --------------------------------•— •- this would account for

on aged. Essentially, the study group * proposal has two parts; I. A compulsory program which would provide all costs of hospital or other institutional care for 70 to 90 days. It Is esti-

to continue his

South-West Africa, a former currencies collected by the would be wise. He reported the ,our ^brough some of the East League of Nations mandate, United States which can only be disappointing results with t h e ' 10 European countries. to about 50 reporters but would!minded the committee Britain!8^ condemning South Africa used abroad. flu vaccine to the American He was preparing a new book. mated for ignoring previous U N. res- Hays said he paid Petinaud’s Public Health Association. (bis one relating to the Euro- about one third of the medical olutions on the subject. expenses of $64 in London on He said th ere’s little evi pean Socialist camp. He hadjexpenses for elderly persons. The vote was 84 6 with 17 ab- the way back because Petinaud dence that recent vaccines have been given a year's sabbatical 2. A voluntary program of staining. Voting against the pro was not working as he was insignificantly prevented clinical leav^ from Yale for the work, private health insurance at low posal were the United States. Paris. Petinaud was on vaca illness” or excess deaths when Since Tuesday afternoon. U S rates, made possible by legisla- Britain, France, Spain, Portu don from his House restaurant flu epidemic* strike officials have called in person tion permitting private firms to directed ga* anc* Soutb Africa. job The great problem is that the and by telephone at the For band together in a nationwide, In addition to the oil embargo, Hays said he was misquoted flu virus is a m averick,” he pjgn Office without getting any cost sharing operation of the the proposal reaffirmed an ap by London reporters to the et and other virus experts agreed positive reply as to the circum type now barred by the anti- peal for an arm s em bargo voted feet that he thought the criti This virus can easily and un stances of the arrest. Urust laws, against South Africa earlier this cism was because Petinaud is a predictably become slightly a1 year in an attem pt to end that Negro. He did not raise that tered Vaccines are composed of . 0 % fl governm ent’s racial segregation issue then, hut reporters did in the strains or types of virus ex A p P R f j j R t f I c f R F C ' f l I f C

answer no questions. Today’s Chuckle

Until a husband can get ali­ mony by crossing his legs and winking at the judge, there’s no such thing as equal rights.

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had also suffered greatly in the war. U.S. Chief Delegate Adlai E. Stevenson asserted that it was obvious that these m elodram tic charges against West G er­ many are in fact against the North Atlantic 'Treaty Organization alliance."

policies. man added. 'Other Woman' Says She

Broke Off With T h o m p so n ^ of J|B|jte Depl

S T J ? 5 5 0,,icials Healled 0" Mansfield Film

their questioning, the congress perted to come along in a flu

Windows 74 Miles Away

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) A Mrs. Olesen said she broke up young St. Paul mother admit-l^be a f f a i r

ted t*ing the -other ""m an '- lo I e m t n t in thel NEW ORLEANS (U PI) - The the life of m urder defendant T. breakup could loom jarge u s, Fifth Circuit Court of Ap- Eugene Thompson Wedn^ « ay prosecutor W i l l i a m R a n d a ll peals Wednesday ordered a re movies Promises. Prom ises,” but said she broke off the affair harged Thompson with dating luctant Alabama federal judge starring Jayne Mansfield, and more than a year D e 1 0 r e tbe woman but asking for an ll-1 to protect Justice Department Diary of a Nudist” were ban


season But a maverick strain shows up and the vaccine does­ n ’t protect fully against it, they explained. , . . . . . SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) Three workmen at the base

P r u m r k h m Nearly 13 tons of an explos,ve were slightly injured. LamDOula rNCnuSnip resembling TNT blew up at an S()me persons hearing that n | n J . IA f At1i D n l / i n n Atomic E n e r g y < ommission nuciear m atenal was involved, I l C d ^ G b e n t Peking basp Wednesday an<1 piobablv (t»|Pphoned newspapers, police scattered relatively harmless an(j sherifr, offlcps (o ask if TOKYO (A P)—Red China said uranium through the air. thev wouid ^ evacuated They Wednesday that Cambodia's Authorities, fearing p a n i c . were t0|d lt Wasn’t necessarv [chief of state. Prince Norodom stressed repeatedly it was not , ., Sihanouk, has sent a message an atomic explosion They said 11 uquerqu ce * 1 Atomic E n e r g y Commission ., . said the uranium is radioactive with to Peking pledging close friend the uranium dust is harmless

Thompson * wife was slain. month period to free himself, officials from grand jury ques ned Wednesday night from Pitts Thompson, 35, is charged by Mrs Qiespn said the breakup Honing abut integration leader burgh the state with plotting the mur- occurred early in 1962, about a Martin Luther King’s use of a The two films opened Wednes- der of his wife, Carol, 34, last year b e f o r e Mrs. Thompson car rented by the governmont day at the Art Cinema and. aft March 6 for the double-pronged was slain A three - judge appeals court er visit by police, the owners ship and cooperation with the unless taken internally in large ^ insignificant in external ex­ motive of collecting heavy in Under questioning by Randall panel ordered federal district agreed to end the run Wednes- Chinese Communists amounts, nosure surance payments and freeing Mrs o le sen ,’ 27, said she had court Judge Daniel H Thomas day night. The New China News Agency The explosion occurred at the ^ .. himself for a future” with the pressed Thompson fdr a better of Mobile, Ala., to issue a tem Miss Mansfield appears nude broadcast the message in the $18 million super secret. Medina I “ken a r e a l l y , it presen s other woman relationship. porary restraining order. Tho in several scenes of Prom ises,|wake of reports from Phnom base about IO miles southwest a toxic man a ia<iiaiion The witness, called by the Mrs. Glesen has once been di- mas Tuesday refused to issue Promises,' which also was ban- Penh, Hie ( amhodian capital, of downtown San Antonio where aza* state, was Mrs. Jacqueline Ole- vorced. Her case was handled such an order against the jury, ned last week in a Cleveland that Sihanouk would abandon about 600 persons work It In Washington, the AEC said sen, onetime s e c r e t a r y in by Thompson in 1960, about two The jury was investigating suburb neutrality and term inate Artier raised a billowing cloud of radiation monitors have found Thompson s law office. years after they met. Mrs Ole use of a government operated This is indicative of the lean and French economic aid on smoke that rose into a mush no contamination outside the The mother of three admitted sen said Thompson financed her car to take King from Birming- trend of the times which should Jan. I unless clandestine broad room shape topical of an> veiy building--that is, there was not a long series of illicit meetings secretarial c o u r s e and em- ham to Selma, Ala., on Oct. 15 be reversed," said police super- casts are ended against his re- large blast and broke windows any on the base, or adjacent lo

with the attorney. ployed her in his law office. 'to address a civil rights rally, intended Jam es Slusser. guile. 14 miles away. ithe base.”

T W O Viet Nam Coup To Have Little Effect On War


SAIGON, South Vie! Nam (A P ) Gen. Paul D. Harkins feels the coup that toppled P res­ ident Ngo Dinh Diem will have little over all effect on the pros­ ecution of the war against Com­ munist guerrillas. In an exclusive interview, the commander of U.S. forces in South Viet Nam said Wednes­ day he believed Diem had a good anti-Communist campaign with effective U.S. support be

NEW YORK (A P )—The AFL- address the convention Friday. CIO Executive Council is de- The AFL-CIO position on fed­ eral spending and its demand for a $10-billion tax cut also go contrary to Republican de­ mands in Congress to clamp a

__ # | CAA flir q WANT AL) TAKER THE CUMBERLAND NEWS, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 196.1 Dial /—-WW »«»;-------- --------— ■------------------ ............. , J rnntrol of the upper house would party candidates took the lead its party candidates were << ^ assured The present Senate Thursday in the elections for ing. -s divided 12-12 between the Lib- control of the Philippines Sen-| The Liberal breakthrough , Nacionalistas. late. (came after the tabulation of ------------ --------------- votes from 23.182 out of the na­ tion’s 413,401 precincts. If the trend continues

AFL-CIO Outlines Broad Nixon Declares Preid™tial Par,v Political, Economic Drive His Best Role lulippmes

Is To Unite GOP

With eight seats at stake in MANILA (A P ) Presidentjruesday’s voting, five Liberals Diosdado M acapagal’s Liberal and three opposition Nacionalis- Liberal Damp dry air.

air weighs less than


manding a larger share in the economy for the nation’s work­ ing millions and sets a highly political tone for the giant or­ ganization’s convention opening Thursday.

lid on federal spending if a tax cut is voted. One of the GOP’s potential The council, in closed session, 1964 presidential standard-bear- outlined a broad political-eco- prJ^ q ov Nelson A. Rockefeller.

NEW YORK ( A P) - Republi­ can former V ice President Rich-, ard M. Nixon said Wednesday ( his best role is to unite the party after tho blood letting.”

‘‘I’m getting pretty bloody right now.” N ixon said on arriv­ ing at the W aldorf Astoria Hotel for a luncheon. He indicated to newsmen that

New Minuteman

Lands On Target

Some » v i e w s ii i i i c i B iiaip ijf i se of key generals in ^

,h G enn Tcm That Dinh said las. .*»'<* »"d policy of dales who will act in labor s in- week. for exam ple, that the war P r e s e n t Kennedy, who w ill teresls. against the Com m unists could never have been won undfr D iem . The four-star Am erican com ­ m ander was asked if political considerations by Vietnam ese field com m anders hindered the CAPE CANAVERAL (U P I)— war effort under the Diem re- A m erica’s No. I spaceport fired gim e. a powerful new M inuteman I don’t think they were as ICRM 5,000 m iles W ednesday, serious as som e people make then began primping for Presi- them out to b e,” he said. Diem (Tent, Kennedy's scheduled visit ‘‘did direct som e operations. Saturday. Province chiefs conducting op- The 54 foot Minuteman> pack. erations had to work within his chain of com m and, and

nomic campaign to cut the un- wdj address the opening of the employment rate and raise convention. wages through collective bar- Mayor Robert F. Wagner, a gaining and federal programs. Democrat, also will speak. A spokesman, reporting the The council, headed by AFL- by blood letting he meant the council's actions Wednesday. CIO President George Meanv. ^Sht for the Republican presi- said the AFL-CIO is more listed civil rights as a special dential nomination next year. , , . . frightened of unemployment order of business, a major cam-! R I 8°t into the fight now I fore the coup, and that this pat- lhan R is of deficits in the fed- paign for a drastic increase in could not serve in that (uniting) tern will continue under the new praj j,udget the federal minimum w age, and role,’ he said.

rT J r k ! ^ a^ e r , VH X r ensharolv Some of the council’s de- a political drive to rally the R e p u tin g his frequent state- Harkins views differ sharply ^ ^ 25-hour week for in- the AFL-CIO’s 13.5 million ment that he is not a candidate, from those of key geneia s I stan contrary the hold-the- million members behind candi- the GOP 1960 presidential nomi- ................................................nee said he had no organization and no staff. ‘‘If I w ere going to run, I’d be speaking in New Hampshire today instead of here.” he said. Nixon w as asked if he thought ‘‘blood le ttin g would hurt the Republican p arty in the election cam paign. He said he did not think so if those involved forgot about it after the convention. Nixon, addressing 1.200 d ele­ gates at a m eetin g of the Gro- VATICAN CITY (A P )—A con- eery M anufacturer* of America troversial proposal to give bish- in the hotel, said The cold war ops a greater voice in running today is in the most dangerous ing more propellant and a the Roman Catholic C h u r c h phase since it began 17 years . ^ som e m ightier punch, roared from brought fresh signs of growing ago.” operations w ere affected. bottom of a concrete-lined division at the V atican Ecumeni- He said that as "the Soviet How effective w as P*em ' launching silo to a target in cal Council W ednesday. Arneri- bear o u tstretch es its arm in a viewed purely as a m ilitary South Atlantic Ocean in can prelates w ere sharply di- gesture of friendship” the free c0<I^lr” a n , er •. barely one-half hour. vided. world m ust he on guard even I °P L linfarv H a^ £0** w e^ President The clash of view s over wheth- more, for the danger iff even

K e n e d y visit CaP' Canav’ " - and bow much i uridical *r e a te r ss f a r a s I k n o w H a r k i n s said era* *or *bout 2V» hours Satur- power should be given to Na- The free world must be under Rut hp vra« hnlH Snmp of his day and w i^ see one tbe honal B i s h o p s Conferences no illusion, he said. that the So- wh ue M inutem an’s sister” m issiles, went even beyond the different- v'et Union had given up its idea Polaris A2, es between conservatives and of world conquest. a nu progressives am ong the 2,300

Church Council Split On Power Policy Grows

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WarfelToTake Stand At Trial

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council fathers. Supporters, of the progressive view that s u c h conferences should have the right to make binding decisions disagreed on how far that right should apply. Prelates opposed to making National Conferences more than WASHINGTON (AP) After voluntary advisory groups two days of heating back more which they are now stepped cuts in The $3 7 billion foreign up their attacks against the pro- aid bill, the bipartisan leader-

Senate Votes New Aid Slash

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Russians To Visit U. Of Md. Tomorrow

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By a 51 41 vote, the Senate re- This has becom e the most con- duced supporting economic as- troversial issue of the 13-month- sistance to defense pact nations


charged with slaving Pfc. Rei sjjjca naldo Rodriguez, 19, at Ft Meade E arly last July 5. The shooting

W arfel, 21, of Hanover. Md^, is Qjd gathering in St. Peter's B a -to $380 m illion from the $400 million recommended by the Senate F oreign Relations Com- Four R ussians, including an ICT'M # l D m l i r U A J i mittee. The $380 million is the associate editor of Pravda, will twp(,nPcivilian, anrt , ol(!i„ , , M d . B a p t i s t s A d o p t m e f t i " o r e

campu.s° F ndaV a s s a r t oVa oui neabr^ bhar- followed by an aut0‘ [ J u d g C t Of S S 7 5 OOO wbo cosponsored the successful tural exchange program . mobile chase U U U » U U am endm ent, lo ,, out earlier in The four are part of a 17-mem- Attorney Robert R. Bair, War-1 BALTIMORE (A P )—The B ap -j^ e day, 52-23. in an effort to ber delegation m aking a cross a lawyer, told Judge Harrison gj8g Convention of Maryland shrink the $400 million figure to country tour which includes L. Winter in U. S. D istrict Court adopted a 1964 budget Wednes- *350 m illion, stops at Chicago, Cleveland, San | bat tbe defendant would explain day 0f $575 000, an increase of After his second effort suc- Francisco, Los A ngeles, New ** best be can rem em ber.” $15,000 over the current budget, ceeded, M orse served notice he York and W ashington, D. C. His testim ony and our evi A spokesm an said 40 per cent wdl se<*k other reductions, in the Those scheduled to visit the dence will show that his reac- of the budget will be given to ^ace °f a leadership drive to get university are Nikolai Inozent tions w ere normal and human sev, the associate editor; Fyodor and not those of a m onster with Konstantinov, a philosopher; a cruel, depraved mind hellbent Nikolai M ostovetf, a professor of on taking vengeance on anyone history, and Nikolai Polyanov, a com e who m ay,” Bair said in new sm an from Izvestia. his opening statem ent.

the Southern Baptist Convention. *he ^ ch o riza tio n m e a s u r e and the rem ainder will <