The Stirling News-

$1.25 por Year



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Ce Joan at Six Por Cont GEO, A. SKINNER,

a loltor, Stirling, Ont.


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having, Shampooing, ete, Clgara, Mair Perfumery for aal& Rasors, Sclasora,

SUngidal Inatraments, eto, ground with ara atinfaction guaranteed

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a The Regular Meotinige of the abure Lage wall take Iroe in the Tavige Rom

very, Wednesday Evening, At 8 o'olock, putil far OF


G.R.C., will moot in the MASONTC ITALD on

Thursday Evening, June 21

1883, Vialting brethren welooma, Alex. J. Robertson, L.D.5., Sargon Dentist,Y Grataate of Ue Roy nied Deutal Surgeoas Visits Stirling professionally every Thursday, and may be consult:d at the Stirling


Partionlar attention given to the finer operations cold, and the restoration of lost onaps.

Geo. W. Walker,

SURGEON DENTIST, Front Street, Belleville,

of Commerce, directly op an Hotel. Lf you want arti or Gling that will save the . Walker's Dental Rooms, stal card a week, it

rasible, before starting, yon can be waited ver ‘as soon ns the office is reached. Thanks for Liberal patronage in the past, and don't forget where to go iu the futare.



(Rox 122) Dentist


en possession of his blacksmith is prepare to serve all his old as favor him with

haying again shop (nm Stirli customers, ani as TmAny new acall, Horseshveiag a sproaptly abteailel to masite De. Parker's dru eres

General Jobbing ‘on Front street, op wtore,


QFFIGE--Maioc House Block, Madoc

nwalted on all diseases of Domestic ant ined and certificates of soundntas y letter or telegrain promptly at-

May always be fonnd at his office,


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“L8vat 30) KYA BS J2qH19 OAITTAL 30 9T9 OF Pasa saesend §1 110 MOTTEA S,0"VAOVT Yorn SLNUGIOV POL SLUIVIEROD ‘FasvasiCE OY,


After fair trial, with no | relief or curs effected, your money will

be refunded, Price —————_———— Bold by


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erywhere. STIRLING

a eetuing Bev. Capllal et

will fury / M

wg fortanes. 1 t ntiohh He mien? aE Bie ae rent’ pay ul

$1.00 In Advance,

THE NEWS-ARGUS to new subscribers from now until Jan. 1st, 1884, for 50c.

JOB PRINTING of all kinds at The News-Argus office.

Bring your pictures to be framed.

MOULDINGS, a fine new stock, just coming in.



Woe have now in the



AND INVITE INSPECTION, These are the Finest Goods to be found this side of Toronto, and our sales already are enormous. Our


Department has also beon replenished with a very large stock of the latest patterns,


If you do not sce what you want, ask for it, as our stock is too heavy to expose everything.

‘A good stock of General Dry Goods and Groceries always on hand. How to Save Wiloney ! BY BUYING YOUR


0. Hewat’s Popular Grocery and Liquor Store,

OF COURSE. It is an acknowledged FACT that you can get Better Value for your Money there than at any other store in town, Nothing but good fresh Groceries, otc., kept in stock.

Wines, Liquors and Cigars

f the Best Quality always on hand. FISH of all kinds by the barrel or lb. FLOUR and FEED, Oranges and Lemons, Canned Fruits and Vegetables of all kinds. GIVE MY TE A TRIAL,

Where is all the

JUNE 1, 1883.

Farm for Sale. Marmora News.

From our own Special Correspondent

the land hi there «30), good barn 1 pear troon

On Monday Inst a sad accident happened on Boaver creck, about cight this village, by which a young Englishman, Thomas Williams by nar

1, bowtdon wi miles above

, not long out his life. employed on the drive of loga coming down

from the old country, He wns

M. W. We

Good Horse for Sale ;

Also, a not of Lumber Harnews months’ crodit


Farm for Sale,

The wost half of lot 0, con, 9, Rawdon, contatning 100 acres. ‘Tho Jand ta {n a good state’ of cultiva tion; good buildings; good cedar fences; woll watered, anil oleae to cheese factory. For partiow Tare apply to HENRY BERIDOE Springbrook P.O,

the river, and it seems was quite unused to this sort of work. He and several others

noarly now ran the rapids in a canoe, and in doing vo ho loat his balance and fell into the

Those who saw him go under say he never


caine to the surface again, ‘Tho unfortunate and as the addross of his friends cannot be found they will have to remain in ignorance Up to the last accounts the 1 recovered,

—_ : of his sad fate, JOHN H. COLLINS. bod,

Carriage und Wagon-Maker, Goneral Blacksmith, Jobber, ete.

had not be

The 24th passed off without anything special to mark the day, The attractions of Madoc and elsewhere robbed our villag

Hpoclaljattontion pald to Jobbing Repairing Land Horae-ahooln,

Front otroot, opponite Faulkner's’ drug} ‘Thero has been a scheme set on foot here

JOUN I, COLLINS, | to get up o brass band. A meeting was

—— = 7 + held by the promoters to see if anything Canned Fruits hc nd Vegetable

Tho andorsigned has just received a consignment

of Can fruits and Vogetables from the Bay of

Quinte Canning aud Evaporating Company, Picton, Ontarly, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.

A Quantity of SHEET MUSIC will be sold for luss than one-third of Catalogue Prices,

{lis shop Is constantly supplied with all kinds uf

aie moval of old and unsightly fences, and the Drugs, Medicines, a full asgort-, substitution of neat, pretty wooden paling, ment of Diamond Dyes. Druggists’, There is a rumor that James Cooper, who

Sundries, Harper's Bazar Patterns lives on Crow Inke, is drowned, his empty and Liver Pads, canoe having been found adrift. Search

has been made in the woods and in the All of which will be sold cheap for cash.

shanties, but without finding him. G. H. BOULTER, M.D,

for a time of some of its denizens, stand

in that direction. The re sults wore favorable, as several instruments have been ordered, two or three of which have already arrived. ‘The power of music is no great, and its effects bo nearly always beneficial, that it is to be hoped the project | will succeed,

Our village harness-maker, Mr. Green, is building a new brick house, thus adding to the beauty of the village as well as to his own comfort and convenience.

Here and there throughout the village may be scon evidences of taste in the re

eet ed

One to ro “Pouxtaiw or Heartn”™ |e warranted umatiam, general debility, dropsy, pi as ulcers, aud old sores

Pricn, #1 all dealers.


Farrell, the informer in the Phanix Park

y + marder cases, received £1,000 from the

New Styles in Boots) rrr conch the earns, « 5 8)

1 £250. They have both left Ireland, The

and Shoes. two Careys only receive small sums for

One to Six bottles of “Fourtaix oy Heautn --

by cleansing the blood, improving the general

W. Ny M ARTIN & CO Pealiteand Yortifying thé syptoca, egainat taWng

. i. £ y @ | fresh colds—will in all cases relieve, and in most

their services, cases cureordinary catarrh.




Wight D\ sea hee ofS} Purify the Blood, correct all Disorders of the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys and Bowels. They invigorate and ‘restore to health Debilitated Constitutions, and are invaluable in all complaints incidental to Females of all ages, the aged they are priceless,

TIS OFCOM {x an infallible remedy for Bad Logs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, Sores and Ulsters, It is famous for Gout and Rheumatism. For disorders of the Chest it has no equal

For Sore Throats, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds,

Glandular Swellings and all Skin Diseases it has no rival; and for Contracted and Stiff Joints it acts like a charm, Manufactured only at Professor HoLtoway's Eftablishment,


And are sold at Ia.14d., 2u.0d., 49.6d,, 11s,, 224, aud 338. each Box or Pot, and may be had of all Modicine Vendors throughout the World

#@ Purchasers should look to the Label on the Pots and Boxes, If the address is not

533 Oxford atreet, London, they arc STIRLING ofits

hae lee gh Tin shop i NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS,

LB, J. WARREN, |gteratzzise cen tenes

For Children and


Ont," wilt he reootved at this office unt DAY the 2utl

ORALUB'SEDLOGK : v f ton of

MA SUPACTURERS OF lay of June, inclusively, tor Up Cheese Vats, With Cans, Sap Pans, Sap Buckets, Spoils and every articte in

the tin line of business.

\CUSTOM HOUSE AT Gananoque, Ont,

i 1 spootfications can be seen at the Custom

Hotes, ( so deatersin Stoves, Tin rk,

ware, Pancy Goods, Coat

Ou. Machine O11 and

Chee. Factory \hiurnishg tings.

AnaHodie, dudat the Department of Publlc Laws, on aud aftor MONDAY, the 28th

Lve oughing,* Roofing, Steam Pitting and all sort of outside work promptly attended to and done in

best workmantike mauner,

Are now opening up Spring

5 Michael Fagan, one of the Phoenix Park stoc:x in large quantities.

murderers, convicted of killing Mr. Burke, was hanged Monday morning at Kilmainham gaol. This is the third one of the gang Gents’ Hand-made Fine Shoes | convicted and executed. He declared that

a specialty. he had not hurt a hair of Burke’s head. His

mother, who was confident of his innocence, A large lot of Trunks of all | wrote to the queen repeating this declara- descriptions for sale cheap.

tion, but the letter was not answered. Be- fore mounting the scaffold, Fagan told the priest who attended him that he hoped Irishmen would avoid the secret societies. Work given out. On receipt of your address wo will make an offer by which you can carn $3 to 85 evenings, at your h # or girls

can doit H.C. W 105 and 107 Fulton Street, New ¥


CENTRAL ONTARIO ITEMS. Local Exchanges Boiled Down Fine

Rey. Dr. Sanderson (C.M.), formerly ata- tioned at Belleville, is abont to retire from ( the active ministry after forty-six years of

earnest and successful labor, At the annual APOTHECARIES’ HALL.

meeting of the London district he was pre- Those intending to purchase »

sented with an address and a handsome sin CROQUET SET!

of money. Would find it to their advantage to inspect our stock, which will be sold at a great reduction on usual prices,

Mr. Isaac Brown, of Bothwell, saya that one bottle of Burdock Blood Bitters did him more good, fora bad case of salt rheum, than $500 worth of other medicines,

In the case of Gibson ys, the Midland railway company, tried at Belleville, in which a verdict of $900 damages was grant- ed for the death of a brakeman by an over- head bridge in Peterborough, a rale nist has been granted at Torouto to set aside she verdict,

We invite special atcention to our large assortment of



Bordering !

There are fow influences more detrimental to health than ao constipated state of the bowels, Burdock Blood Bitters speedily cures constipation,

A young lady paraded the streets of Gananoque on the 24th wearing hair dft, ns. long. It was all her own, too.

Hon, John G. Goodrich, of Brooklyn, N.Y., writes in terms of highest praise re garding Burdock Blood Bitters aa a medicine used for two years in his family with good results,




A wood dealer of Belleville writes as fol- lows to the Ontario: ‘* Wo aro informed that the Midland railway authorities have issued instructions that after June lat looo- motives will be charged for at the rate of $10 por hour after the firat two hours’ sor

on all wood trains, ‘This will bring the ut of spociala up to about $200 per train of twelve cars, and of course makes the con,


for all disensos of tho Kidneys and


10 has spooifis action on this most Amportant organ, enabling 1t to throw off torpidity and | ination, stimulating the healthy searetion of the Bile, and by keeping the bowels in free condition, effeatiag ita regular discharge, | Ifyou arowuffuring from | Mialarla. mattis have we shits, are billows, dyspeptio, or conauipated, Kidney: | Wort will surely relieve and quiskly oure, In tho Bpring tooloanse the Oyatem, every Owe to THEE Dottlox of one should lake # thorough oourve of ft 40 pnsity the conyploxton. from) aAllow 4: BOLD BY DRUGO!: 8. Price ne plioples, sweeten T , and oe


AS TO grading is already well advanced, and the ING ties will be laid during the summer, th S rails to be put down next apring. Tho tors

veyance of woot by train prohibitive,” The Ontario adds: “Tt does seom as if tho Mid- land railway authorities hayo a spite againat Belleville, and to employ every moans iu their power to punish tho ity.”

are determined

UNTAIS of Heaurit

Lhe Napanoe & Tamworth railroal com, pany haye decided to complete their line The bonayus will

Tho cost of the roa

with all possible spood amount to 884,000,

per inilo in estimated at

minua forthe prosont will be at Arden, The

construction of the lino will leal to the de

young man had no friends in this country, |


Volume IV—No. 38.

toThe Diamond Dyen { All popular « ast and beautiful, 10

family neo have lora easily dyed, cents, a package

© equals

A nan named Black, near Adolphastown, | was harrowing, and while in the act of turning at the ond of the fleld an eagle aod a crow flopped down close beside his team, | making such a noise as to frighten them so that thoy turned suddenly and upset the | harrow upon Mr tooth back The injury was painfal, but

Tho cagle killed the crow, and

Black, driving one into hi not aurio

| carried him o make a meal.

All the ylands are | which the liver is th glandular secretio

hannels of circulation with | Bitters.

necreting organs, of

the clogged

durdock Blood

A fire at Uxbridge on Monday destroyed \the market house, fire hall, water works, Guardian office and other buildings, Loss $32,000,

we OF TWO bott

rrat ted to cu tondeney t

urn” bw

A five-year-old son of a Frenchman named? Brizzo, living at Rossmore, fell off the dock near tho Eagle mill on Monday and ‘waa

| drowned

W.. J. Tucker, Manitowaning, says: Burdock Blood Bitters is a boon to the afflicted, and gives great satisfaction to all who uso it.” Itregulates the Liver, Kid- noys, Bowols and Blood.

A letter received at Belleville from Mr, Geo. A. Cox last week stated that the long- talked-of elevator would be begun at once, but the On/ario says this is not the first time the same news has been received fromm just as reliable a source,

“Pounraut or Heautu,”=-It is tonic, laxative

Aieuretlc, nerving, It Is perfect, pleasant, powerful, Z, nnd profitable, because It insares good Price, 81. Sold everywhere,

Col. Brown aud Adjt. Ponton are busy making preparations for the brigade camp at Belleville on the 19th.

are ior from vel~ fect in all the #

y A Satisfaction gu Price 10c. "For sale by alll


Mason Boyd is bringing 60,000 feet of square tim! Midland, Thos, Buck is putting up his last dram of timber, which is the balance of 120,000 fect that he has handled this spring.


r from Gravenhurst over the

It purifies the blood umours, from the coinmon blotch or most malignant form of scrofuloua.

alittle fine salt on the leaves of any plant he wislies to kill, he will be surprised at the result.

*\* (He that prays harm for his neighbor beg’ a curse upon himself,” He that recom menda Kidney-Wort to his sick neighbor brings a blessing rich atid full both to his neighbor and himself. Habitual costiveness is the bane of nearly every American woman, Every American woman owes it herself and to her family to use that cele- brated medicine, Kidney-Wort,

Last Friday night the drive reached Cor- by's dam, and carried the boom and wing dam away. Some of the logs got un der th mill, and the mill and distillery had tostcp.. oss over $3,000.

Answer This Question Why do so many people we see around ns neem prefeyto eater and be wate miserable by indi, {iou, constipation, dizziness, loss of appeti ing up of the food, yellow skin, when for 75c. Will sell them Shiloh’s Vitalizer, guaranteed to cure them? G. U. BOULTER, sole agent

‘The reports concerning the quecn’s health on Tuesday were very alarming, but have become more cheering since,

Shiloh’s Consumption Cures ; This ia beyond question the most suce oasful Covgl’ Medicine we have ever sold, a few doses invariably cure the worst cases of Cough, Croup and Bronch! while its Wonderful success in the our uf Cota D- Ou oa el in the h ry of medicine tion (a without a parallel in shed +f on pedarewy fyou have Price, We., ost or back

I your lung are sore, chest jor tate

BIRTHS. Rawdon, May 29th, the wife of Thos; Scott, of a son. Marmora township, May 19th, the wifo of Chas Rivine, of a daughter, Marmora village, May 20th, tho wife of Gordon McWilliams, of a daughter. Marmora village, May 2lst, the wife of Hugh Shannon, of a daughter, y Huntingdon, May 25th, the wife of Wm, Jeffrey, of a son. Bolleville, May 27th, the wife of H. E. Holden, of a sou Rawdon, May MelIninch, of a son, Rawdon, May 26th, the wife of S, D. Sills, of a son,

h, the wifo of Patrick

Flies and Bugs. Files, roaches, ants, bed-bngs, rats, mice, gophers, chipmitnics, cleared ont by "Rough on Rats” 166


At the M, E. parsonage, Stirling, Mayr 80th, by Rev, B, Stratton, Wim. G. Hoatd, of Rawdon, and Mrs, Ruth Mitts, of Huntington,

Bolloville, May 16th, by Rov. 8, J. Shorey, Stewart Sills, of Madoc, and Miss Louise Langman,

Kidnoy Disease, arena ain, Irritation, Retention, Incontinence; pamuatts, Gravel fou by “such tpall bay

May 27th, of consumpti of James MeOormack, age


Sarah A., wife

23 yoars Callahan's Rapids, May 27th, John Gray,

ayod 80 years,

Rolloville, May 27th, Margaret Jano, wife

of Lovi Weeao, aged 65 years and 6 month,

Campbellford, May 22nd, Frederick Run:

nolls, aged 20 years and 3 montlia,

Dooling of Men.


Nervous Weakne wld, Impotence Sexual Debility, cured by lin! Hoalth Ros

nower,” 8)

Frevoh Acalomy of Medicine foe ARY ORGANS. Hotel Die


velopment. of the Wager iron mine, which

Mrs. W. Martin

Koops as good a took, at as good value, a8 Do not buy from

is said to be very rich

A marvel


cure for Catarrly, dipth

ache, With enol battle t an Ingenious LAKal trangors until you inspect our stock, AM) Ti ecior for the wore ancessaful treatimont of those

an be found anywhere


AO-apring Bed, with bottom and stool band, | complatits without ox largo, I'rlée, Bde. 0, pring ) yoady for uno, for £f, 1, HOULTER, sol

aused by Indiseretion or Kx Hospital, Paris, Treatment are in one ty


Paevenrive Hol by curely nealed, on,

Treatise froo of ay UAN AGENGY "66" MEDIOLN A Wey aud Windavr, Ont


a eet —— = ene eric . of | . ., rainst that illosed Jand

“) wlth AMERICAN FABLES. Tho Cun. Company. nl a el aC! EOUS. and ogainst that

mya el q ny told hor that. Davia waa innocont, | pany A Wook'a Tranco MISCELLAN » the bully in the

A LIBERTINE'S FATE, | oii Wanted the opportunity It is gid that the Maclvors retire from ill play May sob Att

14, capou tho Cunard C mpany be thoy are out


of suspended animation, which in| ‘Tho Philadelphia Convention hawpasror off | ta

¥ raspooty it one of tho most remark: | very quietly, not of course without a goodly Ablo known to science, has ocourred in this | display of the I atyld Of) ini Princess Louise, it appears, in in go od city ( aya the Louisville Courier “rnal) | oratory aud resdlution, Why da that vrsn hoaltlr and ns uctive as o cricket trying to bly tho idle prattling of a boy Company have late! , | Within tho past te \ you Jady, |on sach occasiona,intontod to be grand anc ko it fashionable to visit the widows aud - ito his foot, nnd ehivered- around for nix | H ttoly boon losing ground. | sfisn Annic w mo, at thie nt plays auch a} make | U Court = More of Mins Buoknor declines to aay anything Tons ee ase mailer row him up and | Once thin The waa eile pr Te hada | veannsat ero howe fullname, at the | solomn, the high falutin’ pl yr st thing | fathorloss, tho sick and tho sdostitute in avin ia the brother of Orit Davis, tho form 1 U monopoly of tho, best of parsonger trafll queat of Wee paroiita, ta Withholit, WoDt) prominent part nw to mako the whole thing | NNT The Capital gets a hard Tho Hon 3. Thompson, CG n-]er owner and driver of the on PHL Last yoar, however, the Guions took 7,423 | 242% trance on tho 15th inat., and didnot iculou imo. in thono mattors, and the wont of the ech rl i . i prov, So-So, and other fast hors: gression = feom. this (Harrodsburgh | was an intim: friend of the Thompsons. Ky.) district, shot and killed Walter i sons TP Davis, a conspivuous Liiatnoas nnd adcloty | Crit Dovia is now hero, and H. Ly ) is, man of this place, When quite young | anothor brother from Chicago has also ar niche bad tho gre tor numbor of * wells, ompson married rirl who inhorited a] Five. os TD | 'Lho mojerity of the Cunard directors now Thompecemaackonts Bin tee ons] Ono eye withoms of the tragody anya that in Amorica pele think it expodiont to attempt to beat the carer tet at Renae lhe whon Davia le ocar he x to 0 wore curbed while sho was under tho in hon Davia Icft tho ear ho was trying to, vo oo, pobaimorouTrithithaw. you wane

A Poasant who had often heard that Ven n|

Was a jowol lying at tho bottom of m well, | i Ay dad devcendal into his wollto wearoh for | Of aegord with thelt co-direotors as to the

| policy of the Jatt I 1 ala “his iy prob: | tho tre Ilo nkinned his knees and | POey 10 Jatter, Who wish still furthor honored, hore ho will kill her on aighte. ‘This iy prod: | tho treavure. Io okionod his knees antl Ty coiveea thcie ateamors, ‘Cho. Cunard

Thompson's sop, a lad of Shot Dead on a Train by tho Man] snother's aide, andanys that Miss Buc Whose Wifo Ho Had Dis | the causo of tho troublo, and that if who stays

yiiba tos Furigso

A Pathetle

“What in Goodness’ name are you doing down there 2”

© Looking for Truth,’

“Why Lodould have told you bofore you | wont down that you were tho bi geat Pool

cabin passongors, against 7,800 of the Cus | ty Hait wieeaen ern Jast Sunday ri 7] Mount Aétoa threatens to be troublesome opie aro mors ot » masked and 2 nie Be oRuWakam berms ‘At | Tt has ofton boen so in the past, anlthero is balls than ob ‘oot charity | Ing, of Cha bella Oras aac teaeae Se 1 og sason-why it whould not be wo again | noe” perhaps tho Perit y bo & good marked that It wan oe eores® church, Fe: | rhe world will survive, however, thongh it] teacher, and if Ho; it will bo a great meroy sialhias beantereaumnone t wince thon) may bo bad for those who hays their homes | (6 more, considerably, than the poor, os that Tho partlotiure Eps Gta! 1 the neighborhood, ‘There are, however, | Word iv usually understood. There aro worn | f ito Rorestiog Blea St Ene ORO in| Finke ovorywhoro, and usually it is just | thingy than potting fashionablos to play at draw his pistol, but when he was soarchoc ho construction of largor vousols, and ort BOO vue jean attractive Young | choice of ovils ; ; 90) the > fluence of her husband. Jn Ds Ses La ie v a a it ‘y i = LS rit : = Oe around any woll-ourb. us i = as fn of u are r , 1 ipa RS lady about 20 yours old, reniding on Lowor hoi f evil sistors of morcy, ng - i ugh NS ine ray , 0 shington, she) atte s boc oroug oro was no opens & controversy dating back to the days i a succes’ J f when acne heal ‘a ¥ ‘eration, and| pistol on him. It may, howover,’ have TUK SAILOR AND THK SHARK ot the Ark and probably to tho timo whan | Mutison atroct, and, with the éxception of ' began to drink Peabadlikeraad strewedy dropped and picked up. ASailor who had fatlon overboardand was|tho antodilavian boys first begin floating | {Mvere stack of St.--Vitua’ danco about fost Me Washington \ horspeon, at| From tho Cincinnati hovel rogistors and} spoodily intorvfowed by Shark, oriod out| chips for wagers, An old uailor interviowed ‘we & ite Mined tinco, has Pelee cequest, took her to Cineinnati, | other eourves it is ascortainod that tho Hon. | to hin onemy " by the Now York Mor orta his boliof | Poweucr. he fx, About two weeks ago, Where he left her with Mrs, Buckner, a rv-| Phil B. Thompson and wife took mupper at] + Have pity on a man who is down 1" that steamars 1,000 feet long will soon be| pic troubles, Gaseny fated SS oh mene t the St Claro Hotel, Tho next day | the Burnet House on Nov, 27, 1882, with| «My friond,” replied the Shark, ‘aman /oommon, He says that tho Great astern | ininal irvitat 'y corobral anc UNL Taba of Mrs. ‘Thom | Miss Backnor, a cousin of Mr. who kecps himself above water i+ of sfo uso | failod not heeause of any inhorent dofect, | tary cya egt:, She was quite unwell nn Davis, Whe) wen peo eT kes date the | and that Mr, "Thompson wont tomo, Now is my timo !” but becauno sho waa built Bofors” compound | th the following Sunday, when, about 7 |“ Re ee reactan Ms "Thompson on tho| ington, ‘Tho samo evening Mra ) ion and twin-screws had been appliod | Cock p.m, she subsided into @ tranov| What a picce of idiotic nonsenso is all this | y Palace, and, scoing a eee 2 kasd fat welt touthe Clara Ei btaLnwhanet bites MORAL Ito marino architecture. On tho other hand |f0™ Which sho has not yot recovered, | talk about teachers being insulted by the | in which an appeal from his decisions might + pavie.”” In the after: | Backner wad boarding, and was aasignod to] |The man who falls overboard in businom | 4 Know that some oaptains of largo steam. | priet® Wat» however, nothing alarming about | clauso in Mr. Charlton's lato seduction hill 1) ho allowed, though that would ‘nest a c or ~ Ms Tha no OW. «, | can expect no favors of the shori . jor condition, and to all appearance she | No man of sonse would have said any thing ory carefully hedged round, else the poor oon hoe took her out to drivo, and urned | the sameroom, ‘The next day W. Davis, PE % | very cal y g noon ho took her out to drivo, and rn t r r

nard 6 atorago parcongers, against

tho Cunarde’ 12,915, and if anything tho

Guions in spood, which of ocurso involves

Germany is dotermined to have nothing | jo ythotic fashion, to do with ork of tho United States, | coas, aud may she have many followers and and the I poor bied—professes to be- | jmitators,

| come indignant at thot aud threatens retalia Tho Factory Bill lately introduced. inte Pen Wall thon, goavit, but if the Bork Parliament seems to meot with goneral ac. rreraidl is thought to bo unwholesomowhy) coptatics even among the manufacturers, should any body wish to cram it down the Noma Sf tho objections taken to it appear nwwilling Siveetalolehelnariesiane rather well founded, An Inspector may. by athor arbitrary, and thore might bo carey

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«rs now running—steamera of 450 feot or |.” : tly drank. After’ suppor ho | Harrodsburg,” appeared on the rogister. 1 TUK VOX AND THE FARMER, thereabouts tee Enat tho proftabis * or | was simply in a deop slambor. Her breath: |ubout it, Everybody knows that teachers | inspector might be badgered or brought in. bt Fa eto the opeia, and thoy left |is known to bo the Davis who was shot.| 4 Fox ono day mado call upona Peas | aafo limit of sizo has already boon paased, | {8 ,temPerature, and, pulsation maintain: | have moro frequent opportunities for that |to doing very much as the manufacturers _ ee Be 0 a Ors SAT al ni o| During the afternoon hoand Mrs: Thompson | ant and bittorly complained of tho oustom |and that a veasel of 400 Tectia handler aed od Vee normal condition, and at timos, | sort of villany thon others, and that was might wish. That ao Factory Act is very veujock they returned. Ms. Thompson boing | went out together, and whon they returned | of ahutting poultry up nights in Vox-proof | can be mado to go faster than a groatox fithout appearing at all-conacions, she was |the only reason, very likely, that any spe-| much needed is plain to anyone who knows Coy lrank po find her way about, asked to| between 9 and 10 at night, Mra. Thompson pena, ‘Lt iau’t becauso I suffer at all," add-| Whon tho Great Eastern was built, sho wan! wore, of course, spe el Her family | cialty was either mado or taught of, anything of tho facts. | Ww 2, hope that be carried to Mrs. Buckner’s room, but/ was percoptibly undor tho influence of in-|/ oq Roynard, “but think how uncomfort- |expooted to bo so largo that the pitchi Stordatned @ituatts et a armod at hor Xs to England giving up Ireland, it may | whea it is being discusso foi Bot under Davis toxicants, Davis and Mrs, Thompson left] ablo it must bo for the poor Fowls, It is} motion would not to folt inher. ‘Toa DH, Porter, who endeared unmoncd Dr: | just as wall be said soon as later on, that| way thatit will bo decidedly a As and CARRIED IWR TO HIS OWN ROOM the hotel the noxt day, Tho hotel propric- | thoir condition I wiah to mitigato,” tain oxtent sho fulfilled expectations, She| jut thous mean ans oe to arouse her, | will never be done till England's last shot | comprehensive measure in the end. and detained her for over an hour, Tho] tor refuses toray anything about thociroum-| ‘ho Poasant took the matter under advive- | did not pitch in a moderate sea; but in tho] failing, he robortedit th Fdinary ‘stimulants | is tired and England's last shilling is spent.| ‘Toronto is getting to be quite wathetic night watchman reported these facta to Mr, | stances of thoir leaving. | Thero aro reasons | mout, and next evening ho neglected toshut | mountainous billows of the ‘roaring| battery, but met with not, of an electric! Most peoplo, the most moderate and con-| and a great patron of the fine arts. A good Roth, proprictor of tho hotel, who was pro-| to beliove that Miss Backnor notifiod Mr. | up hin Fowls, Next morning he camo across | forties” the Oreat Lastern was toused about | Por several dnya vo ae etter success. | ciliatory, as well as the most Jingo, with all] many lately added to their collection, moat vented by his wife from expolling them from | Thompson of Mr. Davis's attentions to his! the Fox just as ho had finished feasting} as though sho wero an eggshell. ‘Tho caso! this somnambilistic tata. remained in| which that implies, would repeat Sir Robert | of whom are evidently determined to culti- hia house. When Mra. Thompson came | wife, on a fat Pullot, and cried out: * Ah, this| seems to bo that however large a vessel may | consciousness for the tear a} and awoke to! Peel's celebrated saying, with all his cm-| vate the assthetic in a way snd to an extent from Davis's room into the corridor she was ee is tho way you take to pity my poor Fowls, | be sho must be built both to pitch and roll | "Pron then, huwecen pene, Of Sunday: | phasis, if not more: Repeal the union !| for which they have hitherto never got so drunk that she could not walk, and was ah S eee rrat ia cae wars.” is it!” orahe is not aafo, If sho rofusoa to pitch | niso any ouvy mol, withent aga cee oe, | Revive the Heptarchy 1” credit, Better by far, for them to play the carried to Mra, Buckner’s room by the watch- z cae! “Well, you sce,” grinned Reynard, ‘1 | slio will bo awept from stem to ¥ a rT ethe egelnin gs Uae: ratrons to native taleut than to make them. man, Davis roturned homo carly noxt| Imperial Tokay is ‘tho first wine of tho] fect vory sorry forthe Fowls, but at the|does not roll quickly she wil alwaya | jee obbenitsenliiesiahe rolapaed again into | ong wil wishalie May reign yct eth Piives ridiculous by hunting after the old morning, and Mrs, Thompson was sont home | worl’ ery country, not excepting of | samo time cannot afford to miss an opportu-| taking on groon water over hor sides.» Ina] and hor breathing regulnemea 5 being clove | ty years at least, - Sho comes of a lony-lived | masters,” a8 too many both in the old world soon afterward. Miss Jossio Buckner, | lato years overi Amerioy and Avatralla, han nity." word, the attempt to build w ship that shall followidg day#tiery ikea ratniteio: Ege, race, andher life has been such as to give | and the new have dono, and are utill doing, cousin of Mr, Thompson, wrote him about | a first wino of the world, but tho reputation MORAL : by her mero sizo defy the enormous waves Rt OAS lak nes Ant be) hor constitution the very best chance for | They very likely know. what are good paint- the disgraco of hia wife in boing left in the] of Tokay, at Icast, is woll established. The} The man with ten acres of land to sell is | of the mid: Atlantic is a dr sade Core ¢ to noises and'touch, | standing put to tho atrenioRverdat ot toate ssiga and y hat oro not just as wel ‘a8 a great hotel in a drunken condition, but did not | Hungarians, eay it has not alone the color, | the chap who first secs the nocd of an or- Ge a pnd recognizes the family, but was unable! score and above it. So may it, only it is|many who make more fuss about the: thing acquaint him with all of the facts, Those| but tho worth of gold; and the French is} phan asylum, City Walls. Wek Tenth “e hh oes well to bear in mind that she has already | and talk more the sinall commonplaces of ho learned from tho proprietor and watch-| not the only nation that belioves in its al- _ A a Se ee Is thero nothing moro possible on behalf Journahat ott sf vialé eal oie a Courier) reigned 40 years, and that amid all its|connoiseurship than they can venture on, at man of the hotel, On Wednesday Mr.| most magical medicinal virtues, Tho To ‘Tho Soolcty Young Man, of tho poor little waifs that encumber our | tient Thion shou eke any sh “he 3 P| splendours, the wear and tear, and worry | least as yet, but it is all much of a muchness, Thompson camo homo ‘and remained two| kay district of Hogyalia extends from north} 4 : city streets? Thoy are, in nino cases out of | fested conueere fo henttat mani) of her position, have been, and arc,any thing : i days, but did not moot Davis. to south for nearly forty miles above the) The ‘gilded youth” of to day is tho dandy | ten, the children of the dissipated and im- hrinking fe ness to a limited extent, | hug small, A correspondence regarding tight lacing Thompson then started for Lexington to|rivht. baok of the Boilrog, n tributary of {of ono hundred yoara ngo ; the “well young | provident, and the poor little wretches have eT2siNs from noiye or contact, and ovine: | EMME he brought | 04 the wselof.corseta | hss “boon! seae lea look after n barrel factory ho bas thore. On| tho Theits, and! is traversed by numerous jan’ of the present timois only aroproduc- |not tho ghost of a chance. Tt is all vory ing & morbid dread «ven of the pillows on | | Good that railways aro going to be brought |¢h¢ tadiea’ column of the ALail, which is likes tho same train Davis started for Chicago. | valleys. ‘Choro isa tradition that in the| tion ofthe ‘thoau” of tho past, and only al woll to have ragged and. ni-ht achools, ancl |e eds At the time of the visit she was| Under the thumb of the law, in the matter |}, 45 continue for some little time. So far Four miles from Harrodsburg the passen:| thirteenth century x00 Italinus of tho| mild. roproduction at his best. tn both | jy very kind of coll donting, eco aut | lying in an apparontly. pleasant slumber, her Of injury’ done at level crostings. The Su: | correspondents on the afliemative Aide mers change cars. On tho first train they |Island of Formio, which thon belonged to| types of fashion tho costumo is the distin-| and womon giving thoir timo and their la-| get athalt emt pay side, her e¥ex load, EEaTlablg in, every them liable damages | are all ladies, while the negative side is did not meet. Thompson centered tho] Venice, brought into this district the excel-| guishing feature, but how poor and dull] por to the instruction cf the po ST levees tinea tT Pd Fite? e aril td LE championed by gentlemen, and so far, it eecond train first, and took a scat about lent red grape now called bakator (bocca d’- | seoms the oxqitisite of this century in com-| neglected riotous Thin = but Sani scioty di the physician spoke she roused up a little, |aud let there bo swinging damages too. ae admitted, the “Nays” have it, four seats from the door, Davis after-| oro); but several other grapes are employed | parison with that of the last. Now, acra-|ne more? Ia there ne possibility! of ons aud, by slow dogress, for'tho first timo ro- a Stk rack snk let re same] We would be glad to see some shrewd, ward entered the car, and, advancing to-| such as the holgagos, madurkas, and the feher | vat and pin and a watch-chain are apt to bo | ping the supplicat. Is seems the funniest, pinetl the full possession of her faculties, pe a aren C ee an CU and €Very-| common-sense old lady f ve her opinion in ward ‘Thompson, cxtended his hand and | soto, tho/ayslever, the malavoise, and the] tho only elements of gorgoousness ; then the| ind yet the saddest, of all things first to | RO" bis inauiry as to whether she felt any Whore: | A man witha Waggon ora carriage] tho matter. ‘The butterflies of fashion and said : la muscat of Lunel. Great care is taken of| whole attire was one dazzling glitter. In| icerise people to make beggare and black. Ls » sho nodded her head, and after a lit- bonadl tal csb GHEE ha waylOeT Ent frivolous zociety, whose heads are as empty How do you do, Phil?” the vinos, which aro well manured every | the